A Book Lover’s Paradise

The literary circles of Bengal are renowned all over the world. We love anything to do with literature and are even ready to miss our work – just to read a few pages of our favourite book.

Boipatango is all about celebrating the love for books. We stock a huge collection of books spread across several genres and categories. You can find rare gems from famous Bengali writers like Bibhutibhuson Bandopadhyay to present-day authors like Buddhadeb Guha.

In addition, you will find everything in between, whether it’s Rabindranath or Nabarun!

Moreover, we sell popular English books and non-fiction writings from known and not-so-known authors. You can also subscribe to monthly magazines like Sananda and Anandamela to be delivered right to your doorstep.

Best of all, you can now order our books from anywhere in India without any restrictions. So whether you are in Delhi or Bangalore, or Kolkata, we serve everyone across the country!

Browse our collection of exclusive books and place your orders today.

Our Vision

A world with mobiles, but not without books

Smartphones were meant to be a convenience for us. Instead, it has turned into a major distraction keeping us from living a thriving life. We are missing out on our families, friends, conversations, and most importantly, the habit of reading.

Instead, we pass our days scrolling videos and meaningless clutter across social media platforms.

Boipatango dreams of a world where books are an everyday part of our lives. We want to bring back the culture of reading and the joys of smelling a new book just out of its overs. Our store aims to help you relive the experience of turning the pages of your favourite book or discovering an unknown author.

Mobiles will be a part of your life too, but won’t overwhelm our existence or numb our minds. Let’s work together to introduce newer generations to the pleasure of reading while we indulge in some more!

Our Mission

A book in every hand

Our main mission is to fuel the growth of your intellect by providing outstanding publications. We aim to become the top book store in India, known for its personalised service. Our online shop is also your best destination to find Bengali books, irrespective of your location.

Whether it’s fiction or educational books, you will find everything right under our roof. We also sell English books and deliver your monthly magazines right to your address, anywhere in India.

Additionally, you can enjoy the best prices and exclusive deals here in our store. We even stock the books from leading publishers that you won’t get elsewhere.

Feel free to go through our store and check out our collection.

Our Journey

Reading is an art, too

We have been providing book lovers’ access to popular books for five years. Boipatango is our effort to serve a larger reader base spread across India. It is the first time we are selling our books online to help you get your Bengali books all over the country.

We are also stocking books of various languages, authors, and niches to provide you with the best experience. Our team also brings to you exclusive photos, posters, and old books to be delivered to your home.

Our small team considers each order a priority and provides friendly support. You can get in touch with us for any queries or help with your orders.