Personal Diary Card-Document Holder 2023 ( One Copy )

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  • -SET SMART GOALS and use Time, Finance & Project Management tools which are proven to INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND EFFICIENCY. Recognise & avoid distractions, FIX BAD HABITS AND FORM GOOD ones; and monitor Exercise levels and water intake – a healthy body is a healthy mind!
  • -Create a Daily journal of critical and non-critical tasks, form a structured daily schedule, and keep a daily record of the progress made towards your long-term goals. Take the time to regularly reflect in order to promote self-improvement; and practice gratitude exercises to increase wellbeing.
  • -COI will help with everyday life. It’s also helpful for gym goals, wedding planning, weight loss, project management, new business ideas, start-ups, event management, back to work/University, travel planning & financial management
  • -Personal Information Page-1| Important Things Page-1| The Family Details Pages – 2| Insurance Record Pages – 2| Days to Remember Pages – 2| Notes Pages – 16| Diary Pages – 314| SUNDAY HALF| Projects Pages – 8| Finance Accounts Pages-7| Travel Plan Pages-8| Reminders (Payments & Returns) Pages-1| Expenses Record Pages – 7| STD-ISD Codes Pages- 4|
  • -Calender-2023| World Time-Weight & Measures-Important E-Mails-Website – 1| Name & Address Pages – 16| The Organizer Pages Size Is (L X B) 21.5 X 14 Centimetres. The Size of This Organizer When Closed Is (L X B X H) 24.3 X 16.5 X 3 Centimetres.

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